"Knitters Only" Gift Set - Photos & Purchase Link

Knitters Only Gift Set:       $17.50

With this set I giving buyers the chance to choose among the following cards.  (Any combination of 8 cards can comprise this set!)  Click on a picture to enlarge and get a better look!  Once you've chosen...click the "Add to Cart" button to checkout.  Next, send me an email at drkeith@ptd.net listing the names of the cards you want in your customized set. Happy Shopping!

knitting club - vintage red floral
 knitting club - vintage diamond pattern
pumpkin bear - brown polkas
sweater bear - vintage blue lace
to do list(basket) - vintage blue circles

to do list (closeup) - brown/blue circles

Fuzzy bunny - pastel polkas
brown sheep - brown/blue circles
to do list (closeup) - vintage diamond pattern

fuzzy bunny - vintage red floral
Pumpkin bear front facing - brown polkas
Hatrack - brown polkas
sheep in orange - vintage orange circles
born to knit - vintage orange circles
Intro to Spinning - vintage orange circles
Intro to Spinning - Vintage yellow lace

wooden needles - vintage diamond pattern

White Sheep - Vintage blue circles

Knitter's Candy - pastel polkas
Sheep talk - vintage blue stripes
Wooden needles - vintage red floral
Sock Yarn - vintge blue circles
Fiber - vintage red floral