Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All Occasion Cards!

This series of cards ranges in theme from whimsical & and fun, to romantic, to "baby" and BEYOND!  The scenes come both from our beloved Lancaster County, as well as the little bit of travelling I've been privledged enough to do...(California's sunny coast and Germany/Switzerland's picturesque landscapes).  I will be adding to this series all the time as inspiration hits, so please come back to this post often to see what's new!


  1. Wow!!!

    This is impressive, and far be it from me to throw out mere flattery (ok, maybe not FAR, but I strive to be honest!). ;)

    This is beautiful, Sally. And I must tell you that when I opened the card you kindly slipped into my hand a few weeks ago, I immediately looked at the back to see where you had bought it, as it was so charming!

    I love to see women pouring energy into the gifts supplied to them by an all-loving God who absolutely delights in watching them 'catch on'!

    Let me know when I can 'share' this website with friends!

    The Lady @ The Coffee Cottage

  2. These cards are absolutely wonderful! I will be a "regular" customer - for sure!!!