Monday, September 13, 2010

Vintage Toys Card Series now available!!

     Last week I was priviledged to be able to do a photo shoot in one of my favorite downtown Lancaster stores, "Mommalicious."  The owners were so kind to allow me to come in and photograph some of the fantastic vintage toys they have for sale.  The resulting card set is one of my absolute favorites!  I am posting a slideshow below of the various cards available for individual purchase and I will post a page link in the sidebar for the set of 8 cards.  I hope you all enjoy these fun cards...perfect for the little ones in your life, or for any of you "kids at heart!"

     Also, by way of exciting news...These vintage toy cards, as well as some of my new "Farm Fresh" series and boxed sets of Christmas cards will now be on sale at Legacy Used Books and Collectibles in New Holland.  This shop is adorable and I will also post a link to her website below.  If you get the chance, stop by.  You will love the quaint atmosphere, reading room, and unique selection.  Thanks again to everyone for supporting me in this endeavor.  It continues to be a fun adventure!


  1. Love these, Sally!!!
    I so apologize for taking so long to get back to you...I am anxious to get my hands on these fabulous cards! I did cancel my little game night, because it was simply too much for my life right now, and I did not want to cause undue stress on myself, and thus the rest of the family! But I would still love to purchase the 2 sets of cards, as there are some birthdays coming up that I need thoughtful, creative, beautiful gifts for. Thank you!!!

  2. Tiddley winks is my favorite...the background so enhances the photo. so fun. Wendy