Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Calling all Knitters!! A giveaway just for you...

Thanks to my new friend Jen, creator of the Blog, "HipKnitized!" there is a giveaway of my "Knitters Only" gift set going on right now!  Check out her blog at for all the rules and entry info.  Jen's site is really fun and informative, even if you are not a knitter! So give her blog a look and good luck to all! any new friends coming to this blog from HipKnitized, I give you a warm welcome, and invite you to scroll down and check out all the slide shows.  There are several different card themes and sets available.  However, I am really excited about the knitters set, because there just isn't anything out there like it.  Knitters have been overlooked in the greeting card world....and I am on a mission to rectify that!  I truly hope you enjoy what you see and absolutely appreciate any feedback you may have.  

just an example...

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